» Douz is a village in southern Tunisia. It is considered as the "Gateway to the Sahara". Douz immersed in view of the desert, among the dunes of fine sand, like a green island in a raging ocean of golden sand. The spectacle of its natural landscape is fascinating
People in Douz still continue to wear the coats of the semi-nomadic people of the Sahara. They are friendly and peaceful. They are also strongly faithful to the habits and customs of their ancestors. Every Thursday there's a big general market in the square.
You will find in the different souvenir shops wonderful masterpieces of handcrafts and antiques: camel skin, berber jewelry, Saharan clothes, sandals and slippers made of goat leather ...
In December, on the occasion of the well-known Saharan festival, Douz organizes its open days for the tourists who come from everywhere. Everyone can enjoy the typical traditional Saharan life: parades of Bedouin robes and Saharan tunics, reproductions of traditional wedding processions of troops accompanied with music and Bedouin songs. Spectacles of horse race, camel fighting, hunting lever and Fantasia are organized for the occasion.
Douz is the crossroad between oases, dunes du Grand Erg Oriental and the Chott el-Jerid. It is the ideal starting point for Méharées and Safari..